GarbleCloud enables enterprises to adopt cloud applications with confidence, without losing control of their business-critical and sensitive data. GarbleCloud lets users protect their documents and files stored in SaaS applications like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Slack by facilitating ‘user-controlled encryption’ of data, without compromising the functionality of the underlying platforms.

Using GarbleCloud with a file sharing & collaboration platform like G Suite lets enterprises dramatically improve their security and privacy posture in the cloud. GarbleCloud squarely puts data owners in the driver’s seat with regards to controlling the privacy of their files and documents over their entire lifetime in the cloud — in storage, in use or while being shared with others. Additionally, GarbleCloud allows IT-administrators to easily monitor data movement and sharing activities, as well as implement broad data security policies to safeguard against data loss, without affecting the usability of the platform.

Highlights of GarbleCloud’s patented technology include highly scalable, enterprise-grade encryption-key management that allows secure (encrypted) external sharing of sensitive content, the ability to do full-text searches over encrypted files without having to decrypt them, ability to enforce data loss prevention and information rights management policies for multiple clouds from a single command & control center.